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 my ddo guild pnp game

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PostSubject: my ddo guild pnp game   8th September 2010, 3:20 am

I couldn't resist sharing my latest update to the play-by-forum game I've been running on my ddo guild website.. it's a group of level 1 characters who've just descended into the first level of the dungeons below Castle Greyhawk. One of them drank from an apparently normal fountain and started laughing loudly and uncontrollably.. thereby prompting a wandering monster check.. for which I banged out a 6 on a d6 during just the first minute of laughing.. anyway, here's my latest post for them.

Quote :
Despite the halfling's loud laughing, you hear a noise from behind the one closed door in the room which chills your blood and covers your skin with goose bumps. It is a horrific keening moan, a sound the likes of which you can only imagine echoing up from a yawning black gulf of cosmic terror.

Perhaps even more solidly disturbing is the sight of the halfling's eyes instinctively wide and white with terror as he continues to laugh and laugh and laugh..

What do you do?
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PostSubject: What we did...   16th October 2010, 12:49 am

The solution ended up being somewhat clever thinking, though I suppose technically it shouldn't have worked.

The magic user in the group cast Charm Person on the daring halfling and commanded him to stop laughing. DM thought it was clever enough that he let it work.

I really enjoy the old school OD&D much more so than the 4.0e.
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my ddo guild pnp game
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